Emperor & Schmarrn

Fit 4 Austria!

The dinner theatre show Kaiser & Schmarren – Fit 4 Austria! will show you Austria with its customs and traditions in a completely new way. You will play the role of the tourist who gets to know the country from a completely new perspective and in a humorous way. Tamara Trojani and Konstantin Schenk promise to make you “fit 4 Austria” with very special methods.

Cheerio, Emperor!

Dear guests, you may have known for some time now that every visitor in Vienna has to take the difficult test to get a citizen tourist certificate. But don’t panic if you fail!

The Schönbrunner coaching team – Tamara Trojani, Maestro Konstantin Schenk & Kaiser Richard Knall – will make you fit 4 Austria with their K & K Comedy Show, Viennese charm & weepies!

Don’t worry, be happy with Kaiser Franz Peppi!

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